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The first time I picked up a camera, I knew I had found my heart.

Photography captures the vibration of life. Each frame is a new awakening. When I am taking photographs, I am exploring my life. The more I learn about other people, the more I learn about myself. It has been an opening of my heart, an unfolding into who I am.

I take portraits - whether it is a person, animal, thing or place.  I don’t take a landscape photograph; I take a portrait of a landscape.  For me, it is about the emotion - my camera lens is a window of their soul - the vibrant heartbeat of life.

A camera in my hand opens up a new awareness, like a second pair of eyes. When I take a photograph, I am always surprised, it’s like it was pre-arranged, the lines, light, gesture, the whole composition. All of the components fall into place, and I intuitively snap the shutter.

It’s a heart impulse, a soul connection.