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We all have our life purpose, it’s just a matter of finding it. Tami Crupi Zeman found hers when she took her first photography class and has been immersed in the study and taking of photographs ever since. She uses a camera to tell stories through her pictures. Making sense of the world by asking questions and pointing the lens at situations, or people, to get the answers. It is a personal exploration, but because of the innate connection we all have - it becomes universal.

Tami Crupi Zeman is originally from New Jersey, and now calls Vermont home. Tami, and her husband Bruce live in a 230 year-old farmhouse with spectacular sunsets and views of the both the Adirondacks and Green Mountains. The Zeman’s share their home with their furry children – Hobbes, a little brown dachshund, Olivia, “Olive” for short, a black lab, and Willie, an adorable rag doll cat.

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